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Title: Belkin WeMo Beta Test
Post by: Robert Sears on 2015-04-12 05:04 PM
I am sure I am breaking the rules posting about this but I am perticipating in round two of Belkin WeMo home automation beta test.

This time I received an Osram LED light bulb that is "tunable" from soft white to cool white spectrum. Also a set of RGB LED strips that can be set to any color using a phone (Android/Iphone) app.

Over all these things are a huge pain in the you know what to get running. I am a techie I could imagine the frustration of an "average Joe" trying to get a light bulb to work. I still have not got the RGB strip to connect to the base unit.

Title: Re: Belkin WeMo Beta Test
Post by: Alan Krum on 2015-04-16 09:04 AM
Unless you signed a NDA you are fine.  Beta's are not generally a problem.   Alpha testing is.

Sounds like an interesting unit.
Title: Re: Belkin WeMo Beta Test
Post by: Robert Sears on 2015-04-16 05:04 PM
Yeah it seems neat but, I guess I have become old and crotchety because once the wow factor wears off it seems more trouble than it's worth.

Say I am sitting on the couch and want to turn off the light.

1) Get phone out. (If I was lucky enough to have my phone in my pocket.)
2) Unlock phone
3) Find WeMo app
4) Start app
5) Wait for app to find and update light bulb status.
6) Press screen
7) Wait up to 10 seconds for light to turn off

1) Get my axx off the couch
2) Walk over to light switch
3) Flip switch

The WeMo phone interface seems nowhere near as convent as my old X10 system. I had a universal remote that not only controlled my entire entertainment system but also all my X10 modules. I could pick up the remote press one or two buttons and dim the lights, the press another button and start playing a movie.

The real problem is if the lights are off by WeMo then I have to find my phone to turn them on (X10 had a bypass). Sometimes that is easier said than done (I know, shocking for the young-uns)
I often have to call it and listen for the ringer. If the phone is dead then I would have to charge it first just to turn on a light.

I guess the draw is being able to turn on lights when not at home or setup a schedule.
Title: Re: Belkin WeMo Beta Test
Post by: Alan Krum on 2015-04-16 07:04 PM
Yep.. I think the BlueTooth & IoT stuff is interesting but as you say there needs to be a bypass.  And a motivation to get off of ones couch.  For the IoT things I want a Voice commander.. not a "smart" phone.  Pity I have no rhythm.. so can't clap in patterns.