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Author Topic: The Foundry's Handibot  (Read 1040 times)

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The Foundry's Handibot
« on: 2015-07-10 08:07 AM »
I've been spending some time going through the documentation and setting up the software for the Foundry's Handibot, here's some notes on how to get started with it.

  • The Handibot is located in the wood shop in the back.  Since it generates some dust and mess, it's best to let it live back there.
  • There's a laptop with all the necessary software on it at the front desk.  You'll need to check it out to use it with the Handibot.
  • The Handibot is able to cut a variety of materials, but while you're getting the hang of it I suggest sticking to wood.  MDF is a really great practice material, and you can probably find some scraps of it in the woodshop's scrap bins.
  • There's also a printout of the "Cad to Cut" documentation from the Handibot support site.  If you don't have any experience with CNC devices, going through this booklet is a pretty good way to get started.  It also can't hurt to go through the rest of the online documentation, found here:  Also, I'm available for assistance if you'd like.  Also, I'll be keeping an eye out on this forum for questions.
  • The Handibot's design software is called VCarve, and it can import a variety of vector-based data.  This means you can likely use the same files you would generate for use on the laser cutter with some modifications.  Since the resolution on the Handibot is (depending on the bit you use) *much* larger than that laser cutter, you may have to make some design compromises.
  • The Y-limit switch seems to be broken on the handibot.  This just means extra care needs to be taken when zeroing the Y-axis.
  • We still need you to take the wood shop safety class before using the Handibot
  • This policy may change later, but unless you're absolutely sure you're very comfortable with CNC and the Handibot in particular it may be better if you spend some time with me running through the basics.

I'll keep this post updated as things come up.
If you make something cool with the handibot, it would be really cool to see pictures of it here or on the facebook group!