To Empower Education - At All Levels

To create and collaborate with other groups and organizations

To imagine, design and build projects

To Benefit the General Public - Especially the Young & Disadvantaged

For Life-Long Skills, Family Involvement & Mutual Learning

OK, so What is Synergy Hub ?

As a central Hub, We reach out to folks with a variety of hobbies, interests, skills and knowledge. Then get them together in some way.. To learn something while having a bit of fun.
Better yet is our creating unique things that other groups don't do. We start out simple  and progress gently  to advanced things.

Our Goals:

            • Spark an early (and continuing) desire to learn or to kindle new interests at any point in life.
            • Bring together All  individuals and families without regard to Income Levels, Ages, or  being Disadvantaged, At-Risk or Disabled
            • Encourage imagination, creativity and teamwork ~ While building character, solid self esteem and a good social compass, and if possible encourage lifelong family bonding with great memories.
            • Find existing hobbies and groups that would like a central way for the public to find them on our website and forum.  To develop, empower & promote them to a larger demographic.
            • Make available a unified support infrastructure for hobbies and their clubs, providing central services to their existing format and resources.
            • Fund these efforts via Donations from the public sector, grants, sponsors and local government departments.  Building partnerships to provide accessible "Hands On Fun©"  educational hobbies.

            What does Synergy mean ?

            You might think an action (verb)  but Trust us.. it is a Noun.  The Greeks have a sense of humor.
            It is the result  of working together.  In our case by uniting talent, skills, common interests and goals.

            Synergy syn·er·gy [sin-er-jee]  NOUN  [Plural syn·er·gies] Is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.  Not the actions required to do so.. hence it being a Noun.
            The term synergy  comes from the Greek synergia συνέργεια from synergos συνεργός, meaning "working together"

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