Why Ham Radio?

Why not–it still works when all else fails to work — cell phones and the internet are the first to overload or go down HARD in a natural or man-made disaster. 

All I need is a radio, a simple homemade antenna, a bit of skill and knowledge, and a well-charged battery to communicate worldwide…simple, stand-alone technology!

It is also multi-faceted, and interesting to fiddle with–its possible to just talk, use morse code (not required but still can be used), use digital modes, TV, R/C, and a lot of other cool stuff based on your interest and capability–from simple to as complex as you want to be.  I’ve been fiddling with radio in some form for as long as I can remember–from simple stuff that requires only a bit of wire and a cereal box, to a modern radio that is all run by mathematics and software.  Let’s explore!

Richard Krum

About Richard Krum

Ham Radio Operator, computer hardware and software weenie, expert systems engineer, and practical engineer of other assorted flavors. Gatherer of assorted dissasociated data and synthesist of unexpected results. Semi-retired Aerospace engineer, but does not build airplanes. Expert woodworker and parent of 4 exceptionally dangerous children. Engaging in a Veterinarian Office Support Consultancy

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