Short Work Week

A 4 Day Work week is great for Hobbies

The Case for the 32-Hour Workweek Jun 22, 2015 | Video by The Atlantic

◊   32 hours is not as important as just working 4 days.  I was lucky to work at a very progressive company just out of College. We had a 4 day work week of 4  10 hr days – Monday thru Thursday. Everyone loved it because you only had to set up your day 4 times a week.. do what you needed to do with no rush to clean up and close. We spend too much time each day just getting ready to work.   Plus every weekend was 3 days long.

You don’t have to work long hours to be successful.  Nor do you have to do it in a “traditional” setting of an office cubicle.  We are not Hamsters.  A virtual office with less hours is as productive if you commit to it.  Our personal time is important.. and work gets in the way of that our families and great Hobbies.

Alan M. Krum

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