Our Forum – and Yours

Admin ElfSince most Hobbies and Interests these days have a lot in common or are Hybrids of several, we consider it important to have one place to learn, explore and share about all Hobbies and allied Interests.   We are dedicated to having it open to all folks with no Spam or Advertisements on it like plague other Forums. It’s the content that counts.. not the Ad’s in our minds.

Registration to Post is Free and Easy.  It just asks minimal information to start with, and verifies you are not Spam and that your e-Mail address is correct.  We do encourage you to use a Friendly Display Name (prefer First and Last) which can be different than what you sign in with.  That and a lot of other great things can be accessed via the “My Profile” tab on the Forum main menu.  Please consider filling out all of the information.. it helps us with demographics for funding (esp age and gender) and allows others to know your interests and some background about you.  We do not publish, give out or sell your e-Mail or personal information at any time.

The Forum is a Public Service of Imaxinar DM.

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