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Author Topic: Automatic Mobile Theme  (Read 1201 times)

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Automatic Mobile Theme
« on: 2015-11-29 08:11 PM »
IF you access The-Dialog from a Mobile Device (Smartphone, Tablet, etc) You don't have to do anything to use the Mobile Theme.  It knows it automatically.  If you connect to the site via a Desktop etc.. you get the normal Theme.

There are a few limitations of course.  For the big bang stuff.. Always use a Desktop.  But now you can check posts and write them on the go.  The Mobile Theme is only intended for the basics.

Right now the only way to know if you are signed in to the site on a Mobile device is to go to the Menu screen (upper left - 3 bars in a circle).  It will then have an option to Login (or Log Out).

W A R N I N G :
IF you click on the "Full Site" button on a Mobile Device.. that is exactly what you are now locked into.  You are toast for the Automatic switching since you asked for the Full Site version on that Mobile Device.    ONLY way to clear it back to automatic is to erase your Cookies for SynergyHub or The-Dialog on the Mobile device.