Team Members

If you wish to become a Team Member at Synergy Hub, please contact us with your thoughts and any questions and we will get back to you A.S.A.P.   We are a skills based organization so to be a part of it you have to have some that are of value.. and want to actively help.


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Free Membership to our Forum System is open to everyone.
Membership to the forum is required to Comment on any Article, Post or to submit any new content.

No SPAM, No Google or Banner Ads, No Junk.. just us talking about things.

Get to know our Administration, Advisors and the other Team Members.  Come up with suggestions for Projects, participate in the Conversations and Builds.  All ages, skill levels, and interests are welcome.   Families wanting to enjoy together are great.

What do we ask as you Register on Forum?

        • Your UserName – What you Log-In with – It’s best to use one familiar to you. Your “normal one”  that you can remember.  If you use just a single common name though the system might tell you it’s already in use.
        • Your email address ( We will be sending you a confirmation link to that address ! )
        • Where you are located (City and State Please, in addition your Neighborhood too if you want)
        • How you want your name displayed in Membership List (shown only to Registered Members) First & Last Name is preferred.  It’s more friendly.. warm and fuzzy.
        • What “Nickname” you might want (generally for the Public Forums.   Mine is Admin Elf)
        • What your Birth Date is (for demographics – Our Funding Grants request this anonymous aggregate information)
        • Your Gender (for demographics – Our Funding Grants request this anonymous aggregate information)
        • Additional questions pertinent to interests and skills etc. as we figure out what to ask

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